Photographers rarely get good pictures :) 

Jos Riv Art and Photography
I just love capturing human beauty and moments. Because they are so fleeting, compared to Landscape photography. Make up and costumes can be re done, but it won't be the same moment. Every photoshoots/Event is unique on its own, most of which are unlikely to happen again. I also like adding graphic elements that makes extraordinary images even more special. My joy is to live in the memories of the images I capture. I want to live in a world beyond our reality, a romantic, an fantasy is my first love.

January, 2019 - Korean Singles Magazine Back Cover, Asya Golubeva, Aphrodite Designs
January 2019, MMM Juniors
October 2018, Stubborn Magazine
April 2018, MMM Magazine
April 2018, MMM magazine
April 2017, COCO Fashion Magazine
March 2017, Bellissima Bride
Novermber 2016, PUMP Magazine
October 2016, Muse Child
July 2016, Fashion Kids Magazine
June 2016, PUMP Magazine
May 2016, Gothesque Jr Magazine
Will add more as I find the covers :)
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